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Gutter Guards

Gutterglove’s innovative Gutter Guard is engineered to liberate you from the hassle of gutter cleaning forever. By effectively blocking leaves, pine needles, roof sand-grit, and other debris, it ensures your gutters remain clear. Its patented V-bend technology sets it apart, enhancing water filtration while minimizing overflow, a feature unmatched by conventional mesh alternatives. With no requirement for additional support structures underneath, every aperture efficiently filters rainwater. The mesh’s robustness withstands heavy debris without sagging, while promoting airflow to prevent debris adhesion.

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The Benefits of Gutter Guards.

V-Bend Advantage
This patented technology delivers unmatched water filtration efficiency and self-cleaning features, surpassing standard mesh products. Additionally, it enhances the mesh’s strength, enabling it to endure heavier debris without drooping.
Trough Design
The front trough serves as an incentive for water to flow directly into the gutter instead of spilling over the edge. Unlike other micro-mesh gutter guards lacking this feature, which often results in water overflowing the gutter and causing exterior staining.
Crafted from Type 304 Stainless Steel, renowned for its resistance to rust and corrosion. Featuring a 30 Mesh construction, equating to 900 holes per square inch, striking the ideal balance between debris prevention and water filtration.
UL Certification

The gutter guard design has been awarded a Certificate of Compliance for rainwater harvesting. This certification confirms that the Gutter Guard is suitable for use in rainwater catchment systems intended for human consumption.

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Lifetime Durability in Materials

In the early 2000s, Jeff sought a lasting solution for gutter debris at a home improvement show. Choosing gutter guards, he enjoyed 12 years of maintenance-free gutters in Arkansas. Even during subsequent renovations, Jeff remained confident in their effectiveness, a testament to their durability and performance.

We steer clear of plastic, foam, PVC, or low-quality metals. Instead, our products are crafted from stainless steel and aluminum, ensuring resilience against the elements for years to come, all backed by a lifetime warranty. Design and made in Northern California.

Cleaning gutters is messy and bothersome.

Year after year, tackling the tedious, messy, and potentially hazardous chore of gutter cleaning becomes unavoidable. Gutter Guards offering a solution, putting an end to the perpetual hassle of clearing out gutters for good. If you’re weary of the annual chore and inconvenience of gutter cleaning, the Gutter Guard offers an ideal solution for you and your home, with the added assurance with a lifetime warranty.
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Ensured to be 100% free of clogs.

Enjoy a 100% clog-free guarantee with our gutter guards! Say goodbye to gutter cleaning forever. In the rare event of a clog, we’ll promptly clean them at no charge. Plus, our gutters and gutter guards are backed by a lifetime warranty, transferable to new homeowners if you sell the house.

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